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The Lords of Lies  

The serial liars are at it again. The Meles lie factory is in full production mode. Just this week Melies, Inc. told us in a press release that the hand over of land to the Sudan just didn’t happen. It’s all “rumor”, they said. Never mind the eyewitness reports, the official statements by the Sudanese government, the declarations of victimized and dispossessed Ethiopian farmers and foreign investors, regional press reports, VOA and Deutche Welle on location interviews. “It’s all rumor!”

No doubt, some of our readers will be just as shocked to read about the lies of Melies and Co., as they would be about the fact that there are seven days in a week, rain comes from clouds and the sun rises in the east. But that would be missing our point. Our fascination is not just with the enormity and magnitude of the Melies Inc. lies, it is also about their outrageous audacity to manufacture and foist them upon us. Frankly, we find it truly difficult to believe that any human being has the capacity for such moral and ethical depravity.

Source: Ethiomedia | May 19, 2008


Source: Ethiomedia 05/05/08

Something is rotten in the state of Ethiopia!

After 17 years, it is all too familiar…

First, it was access to the Red Sea. Meles handed over the Port of Assab, along with everything else, to secessionist Eritrea, permanently landlocking Ethiopia. Next came Badme and all the areas we lost along the northeastern part of the country. Meles set the country up for a total diplomatic defeat from the jaws of absolute Ethiopian military victory, and delivered Badme over to Eritrea (after turning over documents weakening Ethiopia’s claim) in binding international arbitration. Then Meles invaded Somalia, a stateless country long in the throes of clan warfare. In just over a year, Meles created one million internally displaced people and the second most desperate humanitarian crises in the world today. Now, from all indications, it appears Meles has done it again! He has delivered Tach Armacho, Quara, Metema and Abdris on a silver platter to none other than the Butcher of Darfur, Omar Al-Bashir. Would somebody please tell us what in God’s name Meles is doing to Ethiopia?

Something is very, very rotten…


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