2009 Wish for Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia

December 30th, 2008 | by addis portal |

December 28, 2008 — It has become a norm for most when a new calendar year starts, hope and good wishes, systematic planning, plan scheduling and many others take part in a positively forward thinking manner.

It is none but the same with the peoples of the Horn of Africa that is broiling with conflicts and mistrust, killings and systemic cleansings, betrayal and selfishness, to wish the opposite of all of the above. But wish by itself is not going to materialize the reality. Unless we the people carry out our responsibility as it should be.

The minority regime in Ethiopia sold their ethical and moral responsibilities and souls to self benefit at the cost of the whole regions suffering. It started from igniting war against Eritrea that coasted over one hundred thousand Ethiopians, and Nineteen thousand Eritrean lives1. In defines of the ruling of the agreed court decision that was final and binding still occupying Eritrean sovereign lands.

In regard to Somalia without any logical explanation, in contradiction to the UNSC’s decisions the regime invaded Somalia. Now, if their words are to be trusted they are claiming they will withdraw their troops from Somalia. Many questions rise from these decisions. Is Ethiopia achieved its aim that is to destroy Islamists? On the ground it says the other way. Is Ethiopia being defeated by the Islamists and is withdrawing? A question that needs deep analysis for a conclusion if there is one. However, it is clear that Ethiopia made irreparable damage with in Somalia, and between the peoples of Somalia and Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s military incursion has been illegal to start with. As is stated by Mr. Farah Aden former Somali diplomat at the UN in his appeal to the UNSC regarding Ethiopia’s aggression to his country wrote to the UNSC stating: “In the meantime, the Ethiopian regime has repeatedly ignored the international community’s appeal on non-interference of Somalia’s affairs. Moreover, It grossly violated time and timely again, on United Nations Security Council resolutions 733 (1992), of 23 January 1992, 746 (1992), of 17 March 1992, 751 (1992), of 24 April 1992, 767 (1992), of 27 July 1992, 775 (1992), of 28 August 1992, and 794 (1992), of 3 December 1992, which strongly called upon the member states – among other thing – to ensure strict implementation of paragraph 5 of resolution 733 (1992). Ethiopia’s invasion to sovereign Somalia was without mission or without short and long plan that benefits Ethiopia and or Somalia. The invasion was a disaster contrary to the lie machine of the minority regime in Ethiopia’s claim. They can not come with a single achievement but total failure.

The whole regions wish for this New Year “2009”is to be a year of peace and harmony among citizens of the nations of the Horn of Africa. Unfortunately, the minority regime in Addis does not have the ability or the power to work inconformity with the regions wish and will. As they are recipients of orders from their western masters, the masters in turn have different wishes than that of these regions citizens.

It must be clear that it is the responsibility of the Ethiopians and are the only one who is liable on stopping the madness of their minority regime. Recently the regime is provoking Eritrea and trying at its most possibility to drug it into the unwanted war. The regime and its western affiliated war mongers are beating a war drum. The regime can not survive unless it shifts the citizen’s attention from focusing to the core problems they have, which is the minority regime itself.

The writer hopes 2009 to be the year of peace harmony and prosperity for the peoples of, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Sudan.

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