Ethiopia TV launches a new show on East Africa music

December 30th, 2008 | by addis portal |

The state-owned Ethiopia Radio and Television Agency (ERTA) launched a new Television show that airs music from countries of the East Africa region.According to officials from the ETV entertainment desk, the major target of the bi-weekly show is to bring the brotherly and historical interrelated people of the region close to each other and harmonize them with the power of the universal language, Music.

On Sunday, Different songs from Eritrea, Sudan, Kenya, Somalia Djibouti and Ethiopia were aired.

This is the first time for Ethiopia to officially air Eritrean songs at the only and government owned television after both neighbors in 1998 went on a bloody border war that cost the lives of 70,000 people.

Beyond airing music, the show also presents a short introduction on history, culture, language, people Livelihood and other positive images of the countries under list.

It is believed that such a positive progress is a step forward to heal people to people relations of Ethiopia and Eritrea which still remain at odds

Despite what Ethiopia and Eritrea went through the people of both neighbors still remain connected with the bridge of each others songs.

It is never surprising to see Ethiopians in every corner including in the capital to listen and appreciate to Eritrean songs nor is it surprising to see New Albums or movies arriving Ethiopia or Eritrea Ever since they went to war.

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