Scholar calls on Diaspora to allot resources, move Ethiopia forward

December 26th, 2008 | by addis portal |

An Ethiopian scholar, who lived for 19 years in Germany, said Ethiopia will be developed if all the Ethiopian nationals abroad be in motion to allot their wealth, scholarly expertise, and other experiences in the country.

Dr. Tsegaye Degineh, an economist and project management specialist at the Germany automaker Mercedes-Benz, told WIC that the Ethiopian Diaspora should show firm commitment in transferring their knowledge, capital, experiences and material resources to help the country grow.

Dr.Tsegaye, who came to Ethiopia to voluntarily share his intellectual expertise and experiences for government and private institutions, offered project management seminars for officials in the Oromia regional state over the preceding weeks.

“Whenever I come here to share my professional expertise to my own country, I feel as if I were to extend my life by an extra year,” he said.

According to him, there are many Ethiopians abroad who could contribute a lot for their home country’s development in all sectors.

However, he said, that most Ethiopians in the Diaspora have unhelpful views due to unconstructively perceived information about their country.

“Personally, I have observed that misconceptions about Ethiopia are being spread in three folds than the good and productive ones. That comes as a result of distortions and lack of proper information,” he expressed.

Dr. Tsegaye recalled that he had been told that IT project was not applied in Ethiopia, and said he was surprised to come here and see that IT project is actively working in Ethiopia. There are now observable changes in Ethiopia, he noted.

He further said that he is making unreserved efforts to promote his country among the Diaspora, and added that that government should further scale up efforts in building up the good images of the country.

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