Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Meles Zenawi reshuffles cabinet

October 31st, 2008 | by addis portal |

The House of Peoples Representatives of Ethiopia has approved the appointment of nine ministers in its sixth regular session it held here on Thursday.

The Houses endorsed the appointment of the Ministers presented by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi with a majority vote.

Accordingly, former Information Minister Berhan Hailu is appointed as Justice Minister and former Public Organization Advisor to the Prime Minister Haile-maraim Desalegn as Government Whip.

Former Federal Affairs Minister Siraj Fergesa is appointed as Defense Minister, former Amhara State Administration Deputy Chief Demeke Mekonnen as Education Minister and former Transport and Communication Minister Junedin Sado as Science and Technology Minister.

Former Health State Minister Dr. Shiferaw Tekle-mariam is appointed as Federal Affairs Minister, Tefera Deribew as Agriculture and Rural Development Minister, Diriba Kuma as Transport and Communication Minister and Muferiat Kamil as Women’s Affiairs Minister.

All the appointed officials have already sworn-in.

Giving explanation about the appointment to the House while presenting the appointees, Meles said some of the Ministries were vacant while some are organized anew.

He indicated that some the Ministers could not discharge their responsibilities due to workload.

Pointing out that some Ministers were unable to register good result as government needed, Meles said

He expressed hope that the appointees would manage to register a good result by discharging their responsibilities entrusted to them.

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