Ethiopia: Nutrition Project

April 29th, 2008 | by addis portal |

IDA Grant: US$30 Million


Project Description: The Ethiopia Nutrition Project supports the Government of Ethiopia’s efforts to curb malnutrition by improving nutrition-related behaviour, and increasing the utilization of key micronutrients; leading to an improvement in the nutritional status of vulnerable groups. The project has two components. The Supporting Service Delivery component will provide assistance to community-based nutrition and health services. It will also support micronutrient interventions which will enhance the appropriate utilization of key micronutrients, especially iodine, iron, Vitamin A and zinc. The second component focuses on Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building. Specifically, it will provide assistance to help strengthen human resources, improve coordination mechanisms for nutrition and build the institutional capacity of implementing units.


For more information, please call Aby Toure at (202) 473 8302 or email


For project documents, please visit:

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