Oromos in Europe call for the safeguarding of human rights in Ethiopia

June 29th, 2008 | by addis portal |

Brussels, 27 June 2008 – On Monday 30 June 2008, over one hundred members of the Oromo diaspora from across Europe will gather in the Place Jean Rey of Brussels to protest the ongoing and systemic degradation of human rights within Ethiopia under the regime of Meles Zenawi, Prime Minister of Ethiopia since 1991.

Oromo activists will then proceed to the European Commission Berlaymont Building. Over four hours, they to draw public attention to the human rights situation in Ethiopia and urge the European Commission to condemn the Ethiopian regime’s longstanding disdain for human rights and disregard for the international covenants which it has signed and which are intended to safeguard these rights.The protests will also be used as an opportunity to present detailed dossiers of information regarding the abuses to key figures within the European Commission, European Council, European Parliament, and the African, Caribbean, Pacific Group of States.

The dossiers will call upon the institutions to act in support of the people of Ethiopia and encourage the Ethiopian government to respect its human rights obligations.This protest has been sparked by the most recent catalogue of abuses in the district of Oromia.

In recent weeks, ethnic Oromos have been dealing with violence which has gone unaddressed by the Ethiopian government. With no protection, hundreds have been forced to leave their homes and seek refuge in makeshift camps without any meaningful aid from the Ethiopian government.

This is occurring at the same time as Ethiopia is enduring a major drought and resource scarcity has become a tool of regime maintenance. The protest will take place between 9.00 am

- 3.00 pm on Monday 30 June 2008, beginning in the Place Jean Rey between 9.00am

- 10.00am before moving to the European Commission (Berlaymont Building) where activists will be present from 11.00am – 3.00pm. EVENTSUMMARY9.00am – 10.00am11.00am – 3.00pmPlace Jean Rey BrusselsEuropean Commission (Berlaymont Building)BrusselsFor media enquiries, contact Andrew Swan (UNPO Project Coordinator)+32… / unpo.brussels@unpo.org

THIS EVENT IS ORGANIZED BY:PRESSRELEASE Union of Oromo Students in EuropeFlories de Cuyper Straat 31/3,2640, Morstel, Belgium.Tel/Fax: +32…E-mail: waarii@yahoo.comUnrepresented Nations andPeoples OrganizationP.O. Box 85878, 2508 CN,The Hague, The Netherlands.Tel: +31…Fax: +31 (0)70 3646608E-mail: unpo@unpo.org

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