Miss East Africa UK 2008: Meron Abera from Ethiopia

June 28th, 2008 | by addis portal |

I believe there is nothing I cannot do and I habitually work on myself so that this belief can be manifested.

Asked her 3 Questions:

  1. In the next 10 years where do you see Africa?
  2. How did you hear about Mr and miss east africa UK 2008?
  3. If you had all the riches in the world, what would you do with your fortune?

‘m Meron Abera, I’m from Ethiopia and as a career I’m a dance teacher. I am interested in becoming who I am and finding all my hidden potentials. I believe there is nothing I cannot do and I habitually work on myself so that this belief can be manifested. Things to do with wisdom, God/Love, spirituality and renewing my mind grasp me. I love seeing people being free and out of the ordinary. It sparks my inner flame that longs to be free. I love music, writing, thinking, creating and eating. I also love being silly and playing. Children are one of my greatest teachers. I love water, the beach and swimming. I also love being active, gym, stretching/yoga.I love life. People and their unique ways, I’m often fascinated by a flower or a way someone talks, the different types of food, the sky, water and pretty much everything. I can be a bit dreamy and vision what it would be like if things were different in this world. Like, if people didn’t work for money but just help each other out. Thoughts like this keep me entertained when I’m not at the cinema or something. They also give me great stuff to write about. I’m friendly and try to accept people the way they are. There is nothing like dancing freely on the dance floor, I get high on music and get drunk on a different type of spirit. One of my valuable skills is adapting to my surrounding, so I’m loud when i need to be and quiet when its needed. I do talk a lot, I’ll stop.

In the next 10 years I see a movement of more teachers and leaders changing the way people think. I see singers/people in media and role models changing the image of Africa and Africans. I see Africans loving Africa and Africans. I see Africans not selling themselves short but getting what they deserve for their resources.

Meron Abera
Meron Abera.

This is funny. I went to church and one of the girls I know came up to me and said she had a dream I was in a beauty contest, I laughed and thought that’s bizarre, coz first I don’t speak to her a lot, two, they really don’t appeal to me, I found them a bit shallow. I said it must mean something else, and forgot all about it. Then the next day my boyfriend got a text from Melat, who is his sister telling him about the contest. I was like “oh my gosh, my friend said she had a dream I was in one”. I believe if my friend didn’t tell me she had a dream, I would have not thought twice. I soon as I heard the word “contest” I would have turned away before I heard what it was for. So then I looked on the website and I’ve been having the best time of my life ever since.

I see myself moving into my mansion (its mine, I’ve visioned it, I just haven’t moved in until now), THEN, I would fund all the projects and ideas that I’ve always wanted to do but never had the money. These projects I believe are my purpose on Earth.

Meron Abera
Meron Abera.

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