Ethiopian Export Earnings Exceed $1.3 billion

March 7th, 2012 | by addis portal |

Ethiopia has earned 1.35 billion US dollars from the export of various goods in the first two quarters of the Ethiopian financial year according to the Ministry of Trade.

More than 35 kinds of agricultural and industrial products were exported to and estimated 120 countries across the world during the course of the financial period said Abdurahman.

Exports included coffee, khat, gold, oil seeds, live animals, leather and leather products, flower, garments, fruits and vegetables, meat and spices which make up 1.3 billion US dollars or 97% of the total revenue raised he said.

The remaining sum was earned from the export of a range of agricultural and Industrial products said Abdurahman.

The revenue earned exceeds that raised in the same period last fiscal year by 233.4 million US dollars showing an increase of 20.9% said Abdurahman Seid, Corporate Deputy Directory for the Ministry Communications Office.

The revenue raised in the last six months was just 69% of the national target set for the period, 1.96 billion US dollars he noted.

The revenue earned from export has being growing steadily over time due to a range of investment incentives and support from the government as well as increases in the prices of some exports in the international market following improvement in quality claimed Abdurahman.

Ethiopia has set a target to secure 4.5 billion US dollars in revenue from the export sector for the current fiscal year and 10.4 billion US dollars in total revenue from export trade in the course of the five year national Growth and Transformation plan.

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