Can you help me find Elias Mohamed, my Ethiopian father?

December 19th, 2011 | by addis portal |

By Magnus Rosengarten | December 19, 2011
My name is Magnus Rosengarten. I am a German citizen residing in Berlin. My father is an Ethiopian and my mother German.
I am posting this plea for help finding my Ethiopian father, whom I never saw. My father’s name is Elias Mohamed. 
My father and mother met in Rome, Italy in 1986 – sometime between August and December. They were both in their early or mid-twenties. They were together very briefly. My mother went back to Germany, where I was born in June 1987.
My mother tried to reach my father around the time I was born. She called 5911651 – the same telephone number on which she had reached him earlier. She could not find him; but she talked to a friend of his who told her that apparently my father had left Italy and gone to Canada. My mother says that his friend added that my father had keen interest to move to Canada and pursue further studies. It is possible however that this is not true. For all I know my father may still be in Italy or elsewhere.

When my mother met my father he was supported by CARITAS in Rome. Apparently he was attending a college level education programme in the engineering/technical area. He must have come to Italy sometime in 1985. He had come to Italy from Addis Ababa where he had completed high school education and joined the medical school of the university. But he did not complete his university education there; he quit medicine because he found out he had no aptitude for it.

According to my mother, it seems that my father’s family comes from the Harar (Eastern) region of Ethiopia. The family moved to Addis when my father was in his teens. It is possible however that my father comes from any other part of Ethiopia such as Wollo and Afar or even Eritrea.

It is quite possible that my father is in Canada to which my mother was told he had gone from Italy. Here are some pieces of information about my father’s physical features as my mother recalls:

•His height was about 1,70m
•His hair was short
•His face was dark brown
•The shape of his face was oval
•He was very slim
•He had no beard
•He should now be 48 or 49 years old.
According to my mother, my father always spoke about his siblings some of whom worked for Siemens in Switzerland and southern Germany.

I had always been uncomfortable about not knowing the whereabouts of my father. And in recent years – perhaps because I am getting older- my identity, my Ethiopian heritage has become very important to me. I am hence intensely longing to find my father.

I would like to add in this connection that I completed my university education a few years ago obtaining my Bachelor’s degree. I have a job and am financially stable.

I would be highly appreciative – indeed most grateful- to anyone who can help me find my Ethiopian father.

Many Thanks!

Magnus Rosengarten

I can be reached at the following address:

Hermannstraße 66
12049 Berlin

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