One World Trekking Offers 2012 Trek Into Ethiopia’s Simien Mountains

July 27th, 2011 | by addis portal |

Aspen, CO, July 26, 2011 –(– On March 3 to 17, 2012, One World Trekking is pleased to announce a special hiking journey into the Simien Mountains of Ethiopia. Their newest adventure will include a 10 day trek in the Simien Mountains National Park, a hike to the top of Ethiopia’s highest mountain – Ras Deshen (15,154 feet), the opportunity to experience rich culture & dramatic landscapes and guided sightseeing in Addis Ababa and Gondar.

Ethiopia is a very different African destination and the latest in One World Trekking’s new worldwide hiking program. “Ethiopia has some of the finest mountain scenery in Africa and the Simien Mountains has been designated a World Heritage Site,” says One World trekking consultant Andy Crisconi. “The highland area in the northern part of Ethiopia includes many summits over 4000 meters, the highest being Ras Deshen, at 15154 feet,” Andy continues.

The One World Trekking group will access this remarkable northern region by way of a short internal flight from Addis Ababa to the ancient capital of Gondar, a wonderful and historically important 17th century city. Their exciting trek into the Simien Mountains follows the ridges and escarpments of this beautiful national park, traversing a land of natural wonders and of rare wildlife. The climax of the trip is the tough hike and easy scramble to the summit of Ras Deshen. From the summit of which we should enjoy views northwards to Eritrea.

One World Trekking continues to provide a unique variety of completely new hiking experiences and Ethiopia is an adventure travel destination for the hiking connoisseur. For further information please contact One World Trekking at or 1-970-945-2601 in Colorado, USA.

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