Ethiopian rebels allege killing government troops

April 4th, 2011 | by addis portal |

March 28, 2011 (ETHIOPIA) – An Ethiopian rebel group calling for the independence of the Oromo people and their land killed government forces in the south/south-western region of the country on 12 and 19 March.

A special force of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA), the armed wing of Ethiopian rebel Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) has reportedly killed 22 and wounded at least 25 government soldiers in the vast Oromia region.

According to the OLA’s Eastern Oromiya command, the operations were carried out in Eastern Hararge and Northern Shoa.

“On 12 March, 2011 an OLA unit in Easter Harage put the enemy in a trap in Gaara Mullata, Mayyuu Mulluqee and Gaara Wallo, killing six and wounding at least 18 others.

“Another OLA unit invaded the enemy camp in Babbile town of the Eastern Hararge zone on 17 March, 2011, killing 14 and at least seven others,” the group said.

The rebel forces also claim to have killed an intelligence officer in an operation on 19 March. The forces said the intelligence officer was responsible for the persistent harassment of civilians of Addis Ketema.

The report added that during the operations, OLA confiscated military equipment and other logistics.

It is claimed another OLA Special Force unit operating in Northern Shoa, Hidhabu Abote and Salal Gulla attacked a Woyane police unit, which had been dispatched to evict local farmers from their land, killed a police commander, Inspector Zelalem Eshetu, and severely wounding another policeman named Girma Boggale.

The group vowed to continue its attacks on enemy troops until the Oromo people get their freedom.

The report has not been independently verified and Ethiopian officials were unavailable for comment.

The OLF and OLA are labelled as a terrorist organisations by the Ethiopian government.

Ethiopian authorities say the Oromo rebels have been defeated and are no longer a threat. However, the rebels stress that they are still active.

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