Flowers mark festival in Ethiopian capital

October 6th, 2010 | by addis portal |

Flowers have been a main feature of a festival in Addis Ababa, alongside parades and fireworks.

The festival celebrates the discovery of the cross and is named after a type of daisy – Meskel, according to the Guardian.

These two objects feature throughout the festival celebrations, with the daisies lining the streets and decorating the crosses revellers carry.

Marking the end of the rains as well, Meskel is celebrated by dancing, music and religious processions which continue throughout the day, culminating in a fireworks display to finish.

Recently, a flower festival in Horsham celebrated the positive aspects of life by displaying flower arrangements and decorations according to the theme of ‘What a wonderful world’.

Local schoolchildren took part in making the display, which also featured bunting around the church of St Mary and St Andrew displaying the lyrics of the famous song, according to the Norwich Evening News.

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