Ethiopia awards water information system contract for Beles hydro project site

August 18th, 2010 | by addis portal |

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water Resources has awarded a contract for development of a water information system for the Tana and Beles subbasins, site of the 460-MW Beles hydropower project, which is under construction on the Beles River.

The government received US$45 million from the World Bank for the Tana and Beles Integrated Water Resources Development Project, which focuses on integrated planning, management and development in the Tana and Beles subbasins to accelerate sustainable growth.

The EUR980,339 (US$1.2 million) water information system contract was awarded to BRLi (France) and associates.

The consultants are to design and develop a water information system covering all water-related data, supported by an upgraded hydrological network to collect field data.

In other news, the European Investment Bank confirmed it has stopped funding environmental and social impact studies for the Gibe III hydroelectric power project in Ethiopia, as the Ethiopian government has found alternative sources of finance.

In the past, the bank has funded preliminary studies designed to help a group of donors determine whether to finance dam building.

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