Ethiopian Satellite Television mark world wide fund raising event

July 27th, 2010 | by addis portal |

Ethiopian Satellite Television mark world wide fund raising event

The Ethiopian Satellite Television, ESAT, organize a big world wide fund raising Tombola that is believed vital to make the satellite station more strong and sustainable program , to challenge possibility of further signal interruptions like what has been done few weeks ago, by external elements. Winning tickets will be announced in Amsterdam, Holland (ESAT’s Head office ), on Saturday, July31,2010.

Concerned Ethiopians, all over the world, have already started campaign to help the emerging ESAT , by re- group themselves, to contribute finacial and material support that go to ESAT’s build up program .It is also said that this world wide Tombola is one part of the fund raising programs .The tombola still on sale in America , Australia, , Canada , Europe, Middle East .Each Tombola priced $10 (Ten Dollar). According to the organizers, all Ethiopians are encouraged to be part of this historical fund raising event , by buying those tombola .”It is like killing two birds with one stone ie when you buy those lottery tickets you would help ESAT and at the same time if you are lucky enough you would get one of those of those prizes ” organizers said .

Lucky Tickets’ winners will be disclosed on Saturday July 31,2010 , at the closing ceremony of the 8th Ethiopian Sport and Cultural Festival (July 29 to July 31 2010. ).This Festival is believed to attract hundred thousands of Ethiopians around the world, where 23 Ethiopian football teams, including team from America , would play football games in Amsterdam .Holland’s National Foot ball team are still on their honey moon, following getting second place on the recent World Cup final game ,host in South Africa . Concerning prizes :42LCD TV, Lap top, Digital Camera are said among the prizes set for lucky Tombola winner. Winning tickets would be post on According to local sources in Ethiopia , several people decide not shopping their daily foods , just to buy Satellite dishes .to get access to ESAT. It is said that ESAT would reach those Ethiopians ,who won’t afford to buy dishes , by letting them to subscribe ESAT’s programs via computers with a reasonable payment .
By Tamiru Geda

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