Ethiopian Opposition Parties to Forge a Front

June 18th, 2010 | by addis portal |

One of the Achilles heels of the opposition parties that took part in the fourth Ethiopian National Elections was said to be the fact that they joined the political platform much more scattered than ever. It created a conducive environment for the victory of the ruling party. Unofficial sources said there is an initiative to bring all opposition parties under one umbrella to form a better and stronger union.

According to the sources the union will embrace novices and old hands alike in an attempt to minimize the number of opposition parties in the overall political arena of the country. It was also indicated that notable public figures and veteran politicians would join the merger.

While some parties were said to be carefully looking into the matter others have already approved of it and set a taskforce to accomplish the assignment. Asked to provide more information on the progress, some leaders of opposition parties only stated that there were such efforts but said it would be too early to talk about the status of the endeavor. They also expressed their hope that the movement would bring about positive results but also made clear their concern that some forces who do not want to see opposition parties grow stronger may get in the way the work.

Coming together of the parties was what was in the public interest in the last elections.

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