$12-a-cup coffee debuts in Manhattan

May 6th, 2010 | by addis portal |

Addis Ababa, May 5, 2010 (Addis Ababa) – Brooklyn Coffee Shop Cafe Grumpy introduced a rare, Ethiopian brew Tuesday for customers looking to wet their palate with something comparable to “a really nice glass of wine.”
A flickr.com web site said like a choice glass of wine, this cup of Joe will cost you 12 USD and ask why such huge price tag for a small cup of java?

The limited edition Ethiopian Nekisse brew is described on Cafe Grumpy’s Web site as being “very clean, sweet (and) complex” with “tropical fruit notes of pineapple, kiwi and key lime. Floral notes of jasmine, lemongrass and rosemary.”

“There are flavors you would expect in a really nice glass of wine — it’s a cacophony of nuances,” Steve Holt, vice president of Ninety Plus Coffee, told the New York Post. Holt’s company is distributing the beans.

The time needed to harvest and process the beans as well as the method used contribute to it’s hefty price tag, according to Holt.

The expensive brew will only be available for a limited time, according to News 12 Brooklyn.

Similarly, the Washington Post reported Wednesday that Sidamo Coffee and Tea Company like its older, better-known sibling in the District has been busy satisfying beyond-the-Beltway tastes with winsome and wholesome light fare.

Sidamo Coffee and Tea Company is providing quality organic, fair traded, and shade grown coffees and Variety of teas around Washington DC and Fulton MD areas.

One of the many crowd-pleasers is the chicken salad sandwich: a mixture of roast chicken, red onion, pepper, garlic, mayonnaise and hot mustard on toasted multigrain bread costs 6.95 USD.

“I chop and chop” throughout the day, says co-owner Mimi Desta, who warmly greets visitors by placing her two hands over one of theirs.

The shop, nestled in the nascent Maple Lawn development, is decorated with prints depicting Ethiopia’s ancient agrarian lifestyle. With 10 wooden tables, each graced with a single fresh flower, the environment is custom-built for contemplative conversation.

At lunch, the vegan and the veggie sandwiches have emerged as the shop’s most popular selections 6.95 USD. The vegan, featuring house-made hummus infused with garlic, olive oil and lemon, is available as a panino, in a wrap or on toasted multigrain bread.

The flavors are so satisfying, even devout meat-eaters might find themselves crossing the line more often for a fix.

The veggie sandwich comes with Mimi’s own pesto sauce, Swiss cheese and lentils, her go-to legume.
The vegan and the veggie creations, both plump and pleasing, are accompanied by sides such as Mimi’s pasta salad. The al dente penne is combined with generous helpings of cream cheese, onion, garlic and pesto, plus different daily additions such as broccoli, cucumbers and carrots.

Linger over a coffee while your order is being shaped in the back. You’ll find that the food to take away tastes as if it came directly from Mimi’s kitchen at home.

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