Germany Pledges 2.5 Million Euros to Ethiopia

April 28th, 2010 | by addis portal |

Addis Ababa , April 28, 2010 (Addis Ababa) Germany pledged 2.5 million Euros additional financial support to be used for Ethiopia’s sustainable land management.

The agreement was signed here on Wednesday by Agriculture State Minister, Beshir Abdulahi and Ambassador of Germany to Ethiopia, Dr. Claas knoop in tyhe presence of Desk Officer with the Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development of Germany for Ethiopia/Eritrea/IGAD Division of East Africa, Luisqa Reichert, BMZ.

Speaking on the occasion, Knoop said his government has decided to increase its assistance to land management of Ethiopia.

He further said the pledge is in addition to the previous commitment of 26 million Euros for land management in Ethiopia thereby increasing the total commitment to 28.5 million Euros.

The Additional commitment would strengthen the sustainable land management program of the Ethiopian government.

Speaking on his part, Beshir said the activities being made in the implementation of Sustainable land management program in the last six years were encouraging. Water harvesting, rehabilitation of denuded lands and river basins were also encouraging.

BMZ expressed on her part appreciation to Ethiopian government’s works undertaken to rehabilitate denuded lands in the country.

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