30 Ethiopian Artists rock London with spiritual songs

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The first in Europe in its Kind

30 Ethiopian Artists rock London with spiritual songs

By Tamiru Geda

30 Ethiopian Artists rock London with spiritual songsEthiopian Artists performed an impressive and magnificent thanks giving spiritual songs in London , on Sunday April 11th 2010 .It aimed ,raising money to buy the building of St. Virgin Mary . The artists are also about to release a new DVD album compiled by high Tec and Ethiopian Camera men photographers

The Spiritual songs and Artistic Event, organized and performed by thirty London based artists, said the first in European soil in its kind being organized by Ethiopian artists. Singer Girma Tefera , the son of the late and famous singer Tefera Kassa is the main coordinator of the show, along with his colleagues . According to Melake Tsion Kommos Aba Girma Kebede, head of St Virgin Mary Church, such fund raising event entitled: “Ynate Lante “ ( yours to you) would be a role model for all Ethiopians , as a brain storming of how to be concerned and get involved in our common problems . “During their training and meeting sessions , we have seen their(the artists ) high quality of respect , harmony and working as team .”Aba Girma added.

The Artists, on their behalves said that in order to rehabilitate and rejuvenate their sprit with wisdom that once inhabited by the earthly hustle and bustle of artist life , some of them gather and made proclamation some five months ago, to: first and foremost, to have their (Ethiopian) own Church building for the dwelling place of St. virgin Mary. And give back what they are given” yours to you” as they said and believed that nothing can be accomplished with out God command, the creator of all.” Hence, we are happy, ready and willing to offer our songs(praise) to our creator God with the congregations.” the artists said .

According to artist Behailu Neka Tebebe’s opining speech , for many,five months ago thinking and doing such heavenly things was impossible. Behalilu , author of one short spiritual drama and performer on the show ( that dealt about the value of Faith as means of remedy to get ride of from the stressful exiled life among Ethiopian community ) influences several audiences to cry , emotionally . .

Artist Girma Tefera ,with his daughter Jerusalem , appeared on the stage and sang a spectacular spiritual song that praises St Virgin Mary .Besides his artistic style, his spiritual song with his little daughter fascinated the audiences and he receives cheers and appreciation . Those children, who also performed spiritual songs and acts inspired their parents and gusts as well. Artist Yageresew Yahayerad, who took part in the popular album called “Balhageru” ,a song played by singer Gossaye Tesfaye and singer Ephram Tamru(in paired ) , is said key player for the success of the Spiritual songs and Artistic Event.

30 Ethiopian Artists rock London with spiritual songs

Abraham , an audience from East London , said that he delighted by the entire program that finished with out single interruption.” It is amusing to see our Artists on such big stage singing heavenly songs ,with out taking a break and got mistaken . I have never seen such event in my life .It is simply well organized and educational moment.” .Tegust Alemu, from New Castle , is one of the hundred audiences who bought their tickets , unfortunately didn’t get their seats because of Health and Safety rules (since the hall is already full of audiences) . She(Tegust ) says :When I was told that there was no more seats available , I said my self thanks God for calling all your children to attend on such historical and big event. Specially when I heard that even the artists paid entrance fees, voluntarily , for their own show , I forgot thinking about my journey that takes me eight hours drive. Instead my heart fills with joy.”

It is understood that the building of the St Virgin Mary Church valued One Million Seven Hundreds Thousand pounds .out of this about One Million and Three Hundred and Thirty Thousands pound has been already paid for the property owners. The Church is under pressure ,to pay the reaming Three Hundred Thirty Thousands pound

Ethiopia, is one of the first countries in the world to welcome the major faiths namely Christianity and Islam ,where both religions live in harmony as well.

30 Ethiopian Artists rock London with spiritual songs

30 Ethiopian Artists rock London with spiritual songs

30 Ethiopian Artists rock London with spiritual songs

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Tamiru Geda
Posted by Sulyman G.

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