Ethiopia imports 39,000 T Bulgarian wheat

February 17th, 2010 | by addis portal |

SOFIA (Reuters) – A ship carrying 39,000 tonnes of Bulgarian milling wheat destined for Ethiopia has left the Black Sea port of Varna, a spokesman of the ship owner Navibulgar, said on Wednesday.

Another ship due to transport an additional 39,600 tonnes of Bulgarian wheat to Ethiopia is expected to arrive in Varna in the next few days, a source familiar with Bulgarian grain export market said.

“The loading of (the) Stara Planina ship with the Bulgarian wheat was observed by special food inspectors. It left Varna port late on Tuesday on its way to Djibouti,” the Navibulgar spokesman told Reuters earlier.

He declined to name the exporter but said it had a contract with the Ethiopian government.

Since April last year, Navibulgar has transported 110,000 tonnes of Bulgarian wheat to Ethiopia in four shipments, including Tuesday’s, the spokesman said.

Bulgaria produced 3.6 million tonnes of wheat last year and has exported about a million tonnes so far, grain traders say.

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