India: FDDI to support Ethiopian footwear industry

February 17th, 2010 | by addis portal |

Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI) has signed an agreement with Ministry of Trade & Industry (MoTI) & Ministry of Capacity Building (MoCB) – Ethiopia on 8th March 2010 for the technological upgradation and implementation of international benchmarking for the Footwear industries of Ethiopia.

The Leather sector of Ethiopia has a huge potential for export due to cheap labour and strong raw material base. Understanding the potential, the Govt. of Ethiopia has targeted to increase the export from this sector to US Dollar 500 millions within next five years which was US dollar 101 million in 2007-08. But, the current limitation of technical and technological competence especially in the Footwear & Leather Product sector is being realized as the major challenge towards the development and growth of the sector.

The Ethiopian Leather industry faces constraints due to outmoded equipment and machinery; lack of market information; low quality standards; and limited supply of raw materials. In order to overcome this, the Govt. of Ethiopia was seeking an agency/ consultant who can work in the industry to enhance the competitiveness at firm level through global benchmarking aimed towards higher export earning and global recognition of the products manufactured.

In this regard, a high level of delegation from FDDI, had visited Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 4th November 2009 to 7th November 2009 and had assessed the status of the Ethiopian Footwear & Leather Product Industries and the possibilities of increasing the manufacturing competitiveness at firm level. The delegation during their visit to the factories observed some critical gap areas which were intimated to the Govt. of Ethiopia that were hampering the growth and performance of the sector.

Understanding the capabilities of FDDI, the Ethiopian Govt. selected to have FDDI as the partner in the growth & development programme of the Ethiopian Footwear & Leather Product Sector. Exuberant with the development in this regard, Mr. Rajeev Lakhara, IRS, Managing Director, FDDI said “On the request of MoTI, Ethiopia, FDDI has proposed various interventions for seven Footwear industries of Addis Ababa such as Kangaroo Shoe Company PLC, Ras Dashen Shoe Factory, Anbessa Shoe SC, Peacock Shoes, Ramsay Shoe Factory, OK Jamaica Shoe Factory etc., for a period of 01 year, in the area of Production, Management, Design, Technology, Planning, Productivity, Quality etc, aimed towards enhancing the global competency at firm level.”

A high level of delegation from FDDI, consisting of Mr. B. S. Katiyar, Deputy Director and Ms. Satyam Srivastava, Consultant, under the Chairmanship of Secretary FDDI, Mr. Shashi Bhushan Shukla, IRS had visited Addis Ababa, Ethiopia for signing-up of the agreement. “It is a moment of pride and pleasure for FDDI having the opportunity to take up such a prestigious international project and leading 07 factories at a time at Addis Ababa. FDDI having a prolonged experience/expertise in the area of international level of Training & Consultancy is totally geared up to take up the project and we are sure that on the completion of the implementation plan the Industries of Addis Ababa will be capable enough to meet the international requirements and a make a mark in global arena,” added Mr. Lakhara.

Interventions to be carried out by FDDI in the area of: Production, Management, Design, Technology, Planning, Productivity, Quality etc.

The agreement was signed in the presence of a team of Directors and Members from MoCB, MoTI and ECBP (Engineering Capacity Building Programme) of Ethiopia led by State Minister of Trade & Industries, Mr. Taddessee Haille along with the Managing Directors of all the seven Industries identified to be taken up under the implementation plan.

“Having full faith on the expertise and capabilities of FDDI, we wish to achieve our ambitious target through planned technological development and benchmarking of the Footwear sector under the able leadership of FDDI. We wish FDDI to lead in all aspects in all the 07 Industries taken up under the intervention plan” said Mr. Haille, State Minister of Trade & Industry, Ethiopia.

Mr. Shahsi Bhushan Shukla, IRS, Secretary FDDI while discussing with the Ministry of Ethiopia and the Footwear Industrialists present during the occasion said, “This being one of the most prestigious projects for the institute, FDDI would be committed to extend all kind of possible support to the Footwear Industry undertaken in the intervention plan to help them attain global competency and enhance their export performance.”

“I am sure that the joint efforts of FDDI and the Ministry of Ethiopia towards technological development and benchmarking implementation will give a cutting edge to the Ethiopian Leather Industry in international market,” added Mr. Shukla.

Managing Director of Peacock Shoes, Mr. Allyas said “The Footwear industry of Addis Ababa is looking forward to work under the guidance of FDDI – such a prestigious institute dedicated for the development and growth of the Footwear sector.”

He further added “The interventions of FDDI in the area of Design, technology, System formulation and implementation will prove to be a Renaissance for the Footwear sector of Ethiopia which is lagging behind today in many aspects and needs support in all areas of manufacturing and development.”

FDDI will be commencing the implementation from 1st week of March 2010 and a team of 19 experts will be posted at Addis Ababa for the purpose.

Footwear Design & Development Institute (FDDI)
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