Another Ethiopian 737 makes emergency landing

January 29th, 2010 | by addis portal |

N’DJAMENA (AFP) – AN ETHIOPIAN Airlines passenger jet en route from Dakar in Senegal to Addis Ababa made an emergency landing on Thursday in Chad due to a radar problem, airport authorities said. The incident comes days after another Ethiopian Airlines 737 with 90 people on board crashed into the Mediterranean minutes after takeoff from Beirut during a raging thunderstorm on Monday.

The Boeing 737, carrying 150 passengers, ‘circled around N’Djamena for one hour before making an emergency call. There was a radar problem, so it landed,’ an airport official said.

An airport source said the plane, which had made a stopover in Bamako, Mali, dumped its fuel before landing.

The same plane had already experienced electrical troubles when leaving Dakar earlier on Thursday , and had had to return, passengers said.

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