Dear Ethiopians all over the world – Malik Joseph

November 16th, 2009 | by addis portal |

Here is a story of our own, repeating the known tragedy! When we tell the Woyanes/Zenawi the human catastrophe that is and has been looming over the nation of Ethiopia, they label most of us as “the extremist Diaspora”! Make no mistake, the 21st century citizens of the world (Woyanes not exempted) know that the Woyanes, their cubs and cronies are the sole extremist killers of our time, bleeding the nation of Ethiopia!
See for yourself the story that appeared in the headlines and also the cover story of the famous and well respected news paper in the UK, “The Independent”

The paper tells about the human tragedy that is more likely to repeat the disaster of the 1984 that had worldwide coverage. The author Mr Rodger tries to maintain the balance of opinion in the context of journalistic ethics as he knows that the agents of Woyane will make noise soon. In fact, his assessment of the situation is far less than the magnitude of the problem on the ground. This has been confirmed by our own check and verification!
Can the Meles tell us that the “Independent – UK” is also the “Extremist”? Is he still going to blame nature, when a single-ethnic minority corrupt rulers’ ignorance, dominance, concentration of wealth, mismanagement of resources, diversions of aid money to their own generals, their families, cronies and foreign agents etc all have lead the nation to such a tragedy?

Where have the double digit figure and the “sustainable growth” gone to save the nation’s children? Where has the “Food Safety Net” that Zenawi sings about gone? Where are the types of EFFORT, TDAs, Azeb’s (Zenawi’s wife) conglomerates coming to save the people from this disaster? Can Dr Eleni’s ECX going to bring the “National Gross Happiness” when 14 million Ethiopians are waiting for their burials? Meles and co have hundreds of questions to answer? We know that they won’t?

Dear compatriots reading this message, we must rally behind such causes, co-ordinate our efforts in the struggle to get rid of this regime for good! We must continue with our campaigns for the release all political prisoners starting with the iconic figure Birtukan Mideksa, and help our people in all ways we can!

We Pray For the Removal Evils From Power!

Joseph M(PhD) is an expert in the field of Computer Applied Distributed Programming. He is a University lecturer and can be reached at

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