Human Rights Realization Needs Further Commitment – Commissioner

August 27th, 2009 | by addis portal |

Addis Ababa — The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) Commissioner on Wednesday said the realization of human rights requires further commitment of every citizen. Most people have an awareness which needs to be internalized into their whole life and mainstreamed in their professional activities.

The commission has been working in human rights education particularly regarding the creation of public awareness on specific human rights isssues through face-to face discussion and via the media such as publications, supporting awareness raising education as well as by making available various materials on human rights and through training key professionals.

However, citizens are urged to internalize what they know, said Yeshihareg Damte, Women and Children Commissioner in EHRC at the Human Rights Leadership Campaign training organized for regional youth association leaders in Ghion Hotel here.

The training is organized by EHRC in collaboration with Youth for Human Rights International (YHRI) which is an American based NGO dedicated to creating awareness among young people about human rights in 68 countries worldwide.

The Commission has various programs of action undertaking activities with a view to achieving the overall objectives of the Commission. The programs include, among others: human rights protection (complaint investigation), human rights monitoring, advising government, human rights research, and Democratic Institutions Programme (DIP), she added.

“Human rights education is a vital component of Ethiopia’s and Africa’s continuing development. Without knowledge of such fundamental freedoms, the youth are exposed to exploitation and the nation prone to division and injustice,” said Tim Bowles, Director for YHRI.

“No nation and no continent can accomplish anything worthwhile without effective leadership. The hope for thousands of effective visionaries to complete the work for a just and peaceful Africa including Ethiopia lies in the young people,” he added.

The Core objectives of the EHRC include educating the public about human rights, seeing to it that these human rights are protected, respected and fully enforced as well as taking the necessary measures where they are found to have been violated.

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