Firm, ITC to Train Supply Chain Managers

August 6th, 2009 | by addis portal |

Addis Abeba — A private consulting firm in collaboration with International Trade Center (ITC) launched a Modular Learning System in Supply Chain Management (MLS-SCM) to equip Ethiopian enterprises with ways to improve their effectiveness in the international business arena.MLS-SCM, a practical and continuously updated and supported training package was intended to support Ethiopian enterprises to make effective international purchasing and supply chain management, thus becoming key factor for company’s competitiveness.

According to the private firm, MCaD-Consulting Management, the program aimed to build capacities of staffs responsible for procurement, logistics and supply chain management, particularly in the private enterprises.

To this end, the private firm, BCaD-Consulting Management, signed last April 2009 an agreement with International Trade Center (ITC), to conduct the training package, MLS-SCM.

ITC is the focal point institution in United Nation System providing technical cooperation to developing countries and economies transition in the area of international trade promotion and development.

At the inaugural ceremony of the modular learning system, Managing Director of McaD-Consulting Management, Afework Yohannes, said the system would make Ethiopian enterprises speak common language of business anywhere.

Thus, the program would make Ethiopian companies effective in exploring demands for export oriented economy, he said.

“SCM gives a competitive edge for enterprises especially those who are export oriented by increasing operational efficiency and cost effectiveness,” he said.

The Managing Director said the training packages designed to improve the competitiveness of enterprises by enhancing their capacity to meet technical requirements in export markets and overcome technical barriers to trade.

Since the modular was started in year 2001, 50 countries have been conducting the training, which transformed the way business enterprises manage their supply chain.

MLS-SCM program was signaled out as a model for sustainable training capacity development in the ITC program evaluation in 2007.

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