Gilgel Gibe II to launch trial production of electric power

August 5th, 2009 | by addis portal |

The Gilgel Ghibe II Hydroelectric Power Supply Station in Ethiopia, which 98.5 percent of its construction has already been completed, is to begin trial production of electric power shortly, Manager of the Construction Project disclosed.

The manager, Eng. Simegnew Bekele told ENA that the new hydroelectric power supply station will begin trail production of electric power as of Sep. 2009.

He said preparations, including clearing of the 26-km underground canal that connect the new station to Gilgel Ghibe I, have already been completed to launch the trial production as per the schedule.

The station has a capacity of producing 420-megawatt electric power when the four turbines of the new station go fully operational, he said, upon going fully operational Gilgel Ghibe II will be covering about 50 percent of the national electric power supply, which stands at 800 megawatt.

The Ethiopian government has designed and implementing a short, medium, and long-term plans with a view to satisfying the power demand of the nation in a sustainable manner, according to the public relations section head with the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, Miskir Negash.

Completion of the Gilgel Ghibe II and the Tekeze Electric Power Supply Stations belongs to the short-term plans, he said, upon going fully operational, the two stations will have the capacity of producing 720 megawatt electric power.

The existing power shortage is the result of the ever growing electric power demand of the nation, which, he said, is increasing by 2 percent per month.

Electric power cut will not be tolerated, even for microseconds, as soon as the country manages to meet the national demand for the service, he said, the government has been doing everything possible to abolish the existing shift system of electric power supply in the near future.

The Corporation has distributed 4.6 million power-saving bulbs among subscribers for free as part of on-going efforts geared toward bridging the gap between the demand and supply of the service.

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