Addis Neger sued for defamatiom

July 31st, 2009 | by addis portal |

A weekly Amharic newspaper is in the dock again. A libel suit was brought against the weekly Addis Neger by the Ethiopian Orthodox Church for allegedly defaming the Patriarch’s name.
The reporter who covered the story for the paper, Abaraham Begizew and the editor were summoned before Arada Police Station yesterday morning to give their words. They were freed on bail hours later.

According the charges filed by the Church, Addis Neger on the front page its May 23 2009 edition printed false reports damaging to reputation of the Patriarch Abune Palous where it was claimed the Patriarch was to hand over power to just set up executive committee. In the story it was also reported that the Patriarch’s proposal to break up the Addis Ababa diocese in to four divisions was criticized and rejected by the Synod.
The journalists told police that the coverage was based on actual proof and there wasn’t any crime they committed.
It is to be recalled that the same reporter Abrahma Begizew was beaten by unidentified while on the same assignment.

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