Teddy Afro to leave jail next month

July 17th, 2009 | by addis portal |

It was a foggy and gloomy day in Addis yet news that brightened the day just came.Ethiopian popular singer Teddy Afro is getting out of jail in July or August after the Appeal Court of Cassation this morning decided to maintain the two year sentence given by the apellate court. The presiding Judge Alem Awole has ruled in favour of the singer.

The appeal filed by the prosecutor protesting the reduction of Teddy’s prison terms from six to two years was rejected. His fans, who were in the courthouse, shouted and wept with joy. Teddy has already been in jail for a year and three months. The standard procedures for all inmates mean that he is getting out of jail in nearly a month or two.

The singer who was first sentenced a six-year prison term on December 5, 2008 but the term was later cut to two years.

Source: Addis Jornal

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