No final word for Teddy Afro

July 6th, 2009 | by addis portal |

The popular Ethiopian singer Teddy Afro has appeared before Court of Cassation this morning to hear a decision on an appeal filed by the prosecutor protesting the reduction of his prison terms from six to two years.

But Teddy left the courtroom without hearing a final word and his case was adjourned for July 16, 2009.The presiding judge said the document was presented to them only today and they need extra days to examine.

The singer who was convicted on charges of hit and run incident began serving a six-year prison term on December 5, 2008 but the term was later cut to two years.

Prosecutors filed an appeal saying the review resulting in the sentence imposed by the judge was inappropriate and the two-year term was too lenient for the offense.
If the two year term decision is upended, Teddy is expected to leave the Kaliti jail on September 2009.

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