All hail the new taxi zoning system

June 22nd, 2009 | by addis portal |

By Addis MulugetaThe Addis Ababa Transport Branch Office of the Federal Transport Authority of Ethiopia has finished preparations for the taxi zoning system.
Last week, the branch office organised a half day consultative forum with taxi owners at the Addis Ababa Conference Center to discuss the new regulations governing owners and operators – both drivers and assistants.

Tibletse Asgedom, manager of the branch office, told Capital that the taxi zoning system is important for taxi users, owners and operators, adding that the system will hopefully save money and time.

The branch office has classified the city into five taxi zoning areas. These are Tor-Hailoch, Saris, Bole, Megenagna and Asko. Each zone has a specific number of routes within its zoning area. Tor-Hailoch has 24 routes, there are 42 in Asko, 38 in Megenagna and 31 in both Bole and Saris.

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