Ethiopia marks May 28, parties urged to act responsibly

May 29th, 2009 | by addis portal |

May 28, 2009 (MKELLE , Ethiopia) — Ethiopia on Wednesday celebrated the 18th anniversary of May 28, a day that marks peoples historic victory over the former dictator Marxist Derg regime and embarked a major turning point on the path of political democratization and socio-economic development.

The day, especially in the northern Tigray region where the uprising by the most oppressed Tigray people began in an armed struggle, was celebrated in various events that recall past struggle, in the presence of top government officials.

May 28, 1991, a day the then Sub Sahara most military power, Derg regime was over thrown, is cherished by the peoples of Ethiopia for sounding the death- knell of an endless succession of repressive regimes and opened a new chapter in the history of Ethiopia’s nations nationalities and peoples there by enjoy their civil and democratic rights that led to the formation of an elected government as per the dictates of the constitution condensed through all-inclusive participation.

Marking the victory day, the ruling party, Ethiopia Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) in a statement it released called on all political parties to responsibly carry out their political role to the realization of renaissance.

The front urgent all parties to discharge contribution to their utmost in the growth of democracy while vying for votes in the upcoming election in a responsible sense.

The Ruling party further said that the day is special not only it saw a down fall of a dictatorial rule but also over this period of time various and successive achievements have been registered in the political, economic and social spheres. Smooth external relation and maximum cooperation’s with foreign countries on various aspects also have played a major role to these achievements.

Tigray regional state, in connection with the celebrated day, at an occasion held in Mekelle town’s Martyr’s hall rewarded 161 most outstanding development heroes from across the region who overcomes poverty by self-efforts, taking the advantages of the favorable grounds the government created.

Ethiopian Prime Minister in a TV broadcasted message congratulated the Tigray people and the rewarded development heroes as well.

Meles Zenawi admitted the presence of nation-wide electric power shortage but promised for a prompt solution.

He called on the development heroes and people in general to wait patiently and heighten their efforts in making poverty history.

Tigray regional state governor Tsegay Berhe after briefing on the day to his side underscored that despite the international financial crises the successive economic growth Ethiopia registering is the outcome of the bitter struggle of the people.

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