AAU finalizes identifying, mapping chain of tourist resources

April 30th, 2009 | by addis portal |

Addis Ababa, April 30 (WIC) – The Addis Ababa University announced that it has finalized the identification and mapping of the Debretabor-Mekdela chain of community based ecotourism resources and sites. Principal investigator of the project and dean of the College of Development Studies (CDS) with the Addis Ababa University Dr. Mulugeta Fiseha told WIC that the study team drawn from CDS and other stakeholders has finalized the identification and mapping of the Debretabor-Mekdela chain of tourist resources and community based ecotourism sites.         

According to Dr. Fiseha, the study team has identified historical and cultural spots and routes including archaeological, geological tourist sites, landscape that are potential tourist destinations along the Debretabor-Mekdela as well as Chilga and even dawn to the Metema routes.    

Moreover, he said, the study include identifying and mapping the first cannon manufacturing sites in Ethiopia, Emperor Tewodros’ historic military route, the Mekdella historic battlefields and other potential  tourist sites.   

“The whole vision of this research is to have tourism resource map so that we will have all archaeological, geological and historical tourism resources in one big map.” Dr. Feseha said.     

Dr. Feseha also indicated that next phase of the project include erecting up 12 billboards, constructing museum and develop the various tourist sites mapped by the study group, among others.  

As part of the development and implementation activities, an international conference and panel discussions with representatives of the society, the government, NGOs and other stakeholders will be held next May to further develop the ideas of the project, Dr. Fiseha said.

 According to the principal investigator of the project, the study and development of the tourist sites would economically benefit communities around the newly identified tourist sites. 

He also recalled that the CDS previously studied the Adwa community based ecotourism sites.  

He also appreciated the support and encouragement the Amhara nation government is providing to the project and further urged all concerned bodies to join hands to the realization of the Adwa and Debretabor-Mekdela ecotourism projects.

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